CJ Hunt

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acrylic on canvas



What does the missionary believe, so full of blood and fire as he screams before his idol? Does he rage in the name of his God's serenity? Does he punish in the name of his God's mercy? Does he kill in the name of his God's justice? Or does he rage and punish and kill because it is all he knows, his beliefs as hollow as his eyes, with nothing behind them?


The faith of the theocrat and the demagogue amounts to a castle with no keep, an atom with no nucleus, a body without organs: it is a vast chimeric amalgamation of bigotries and fallacies all built around a crux of genuine belief which, if it ever existed at all, has long since faded away. The point of it is not that it is correct, but that it simply is. And, of course, that it holds power. But why does it hold power? There is a reason, but the demagogues and priests and pundits do not know it. It has faded from the space behind their eyes.



acrylic on canvas





acrylic on canvas



Nature is not a static or a sedentary system. On the contrary, the very essence of being is conflict and change. The universe is made up not of stable wholes working perpetually in harmony but of contradicting parts clashing against each other in conflicts which foment perpetual change- material dialectics. The whole is the change that arises from the war to the death between the parts, as the universe arose from the conflicting forces of the big bang and as helium is created by the battle between gravity and the nuclear forces of hydrogen within the nucleus of a star. The universe is a set of ever-conflicting contradicting parts from which arises forceful change that is inherent, perpetual, and necessary; no pause or cessation of this change is possible. The destruction of the old and the creation of the new is the very nature of what it is to exist. The birth of the new from the conflict that destroys the old is the only universal law. This piece amounts to a tribute to this law, an attempt to portray the nature of the universe as an infinite collection of conflicting parts producing change and progress through dialectical conflict.