Fionnuala Ghinn


Chaos of Union
Watercolor & Chinese Ink


Connected Eyes


I have been a part of YAC since my freshman year of highschool and I am currently in my second semester of my first year at California College of the Arts in San Francisco as an online student due to the Pandemic. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by the amazing family that are the people of YAC, especially Meg and Marca, who have made it their priority to ensure that us YACsters are safe, happy, and have access to what we love most: art. The mentors have been essential to my journey as an artist, guiding me through the exploration of my own artistic styles and curiosity of various mediums. 

I love working with acrylic and acrylic as well as any type of sculpture making. Most recently, I have become interested in expression of emotions and experiences. “Union”, a watercolor and Chinese Ink piece is an abstract of lovers’ union. The black ink represents the physical touch when the colors show the energy expressed by bodies that are united by love. The other painting, an oil portrait, portrays a small expression made before a larger one. A look seen before a smile when you look into a loved one’s eyes. I love exploring new ways of expressing the different forms of love.