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Michelle Foley

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Hi! My name is Michelle Foley. I'm a lifelong Monterey County native and current Carmel resident. My dual passions for color and communication come together in artmaking, which has been a central part of my identity for as long as I can remember.


I work primarily in acrylic and water-based oils, which are very similar mediums. I also enjoy a colored-pencil-and-watercolor combination; watercolor establishes a smooth foundation upon which I can create a crosshatched texture using colored pencil's crayon-like consistency.


My current work, especially the work for this show, explores vulnerability and openness, both to ourselves and with other people. Most of my art explores both intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, as I enjoy exploring universal human experiences such as connection, growth, and learning to live authentically.


I've been a Yacster all of high school, so as a 2020 Carmel High grad, I've been a member of this vibrant community for four wonderful years. I've made some of my best friends and strongest connections at YAC. It's a tremendous resource not only for its materials but also for its people; my network of YAC friends served as an artistic sounding board, and I deeply appreciate the endless wisdom of our Mentors and their exhaustive understanding of how best to live as an artist, personally and professionally.







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