Raven Cook


I love when an artwork I make surprises me. Most of the time when I sit down to create, I have a loose idea of what I want to achieve. Despite those expectations, my artwork still continues to evolve, grow and oftentimes they come out better than what I had originally envisioned. 


I mainly work in acrylic paint, I love the vibrancy, textures I am able to create and the fast drying aspect of the medium. One of my favorite techniques is to hold the brush as far away from the bristles and flick my wrist to make this blurry/feathery effect which you can see in many of my backgrounds. I have been exploring and working with bright - contrasting colors and subjects within my art these past few years. I hope to continue to push the boundaries with my art and create bigger, brighter, more detailed paintings that tell the viewer a story so stay tuned for that! 


‘Familiar’ is a painting of a girl and a crow - the crow is the girl’s familiar. A familiar spirit is the double, the alter-ego, of an individual. The familiar spirit can be an animal companion. I’ve always been intrigued by animal “familiars” and how lovely it would be to have one as a companion - I definitely think my dog, Anubis could possibly be mine. 


‘Be Mine?’ Is a print of a painting I painted a few days before Valentines last year! On Valentine’s Day I wrapped the original painting and went downtown and left the painting on a bench as a gift for whoever found it. I watched a beautiful young couple find and open it! At the time I was too nervous to go say hi and many months later the couple found me on Instagram - they still have the piece! ️


Some big inspirations for my work are, love, strong vibrant colors, animals, interesting portraiture, life, my wonderful yacster peers and mentors! Their companionship, advice and humour really inspires me to think outside the box and to go for what I don’t always think I can do! 

I love YAC, I love art and I love love! I hope you enjoy this show! 

Be Mine?






Acrylic Paint