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Maya Gupta-Lemus

20210705_224057 - Maya Gupta-Lemus.jpg

Dream Keeper

Acrylic on canvas

12" x 16"



Hello! I'm Maya:) I love creating art and love experiencing art that makes you feel something. For this art show I created three pieces:

"Dream Keeper" is a painting of a sunset on the water and represents where dream are kept created and built.
"Rosa" uses little pink yet I gave it this name because of the underlying pink in the painting. "Rosa" is a painting of a field made from hard work, it is a piece meant to show the stuggle of farm workers through the blood and sweat of the rosa. "Rosa", also means rose showing that the rose is beautiful but it also has the hidden thorns, the hidden hardships of creating something beautiful. Sometimes, its hard to see the farmers.
"The Ballet" is a painting I created based on wild flowers that look like ballerinas to me. The name is straightforward but I called it this to create a scene of the wild flowers dancing in the wind.



Acrylic on canvas

14" by 18"


The Ballet

Acrylic on canvas

14" x 18"


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