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Ciela Diffenbaugh

IMG-0390 - Chela Diffenbaugh.jpg

This show represents me as I grow as a person. For much of my life I have considered myself an artist through paint and paper, and that encompasses some of my show this season. My two drawings of flowers represent how proud I am of my past self and how hard I worked to perfect my technique. However, my third piece is a testimony to the person I am today. I have dove headfirst into the world of fashion, and the dress you see today was my most technically "perfect" creation (that is to say, it does not have missing buttons or unsightly hemlines). I hope to show many more fashion pieces in the years to come! Thank you everyone for supporting YAC!



Pen, Ink, and Watercolor

8"x 8"



Pen, Ink, and Watercolor




A Doll's Dress



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