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Demi Seva'aetasi

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"Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed"

This is a quote that I take much comfort with, especially with how things are from last year and this year... Art to me allows me to escape from my daily life whenever I feel stressed; it is also something that allows me to express the things that I couldn’t explain in words.
Ive been going to YAC for as long as I can remember; and it is definitely a place they allow me those things, as well as mentoring my passion and skills…

- Demi Seva’aetasi

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Barnibus x Paprika

digital print

8" x 11"


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Seasonal Collab



$20 print / $30 framed

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Weird Guinea Pig



$20 print / $30 framed

0CCD187A-3613-447F-A221-E28833A0FD77 - Demi Seva'aetasi.jpeg




$25 print / $35 framed

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