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Raven Cook

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Lately I've come to find a new practice whilst working for so many hours trying to capture the life of animals so godlike in my heart and in my mind. So I don't succumb to distractions (aka social media) and fatigue, I listen to one or two songs on repeat. Ones with a repetitive, sometimes upbeat rhythm but oftentimes songs that are more mellow and I let them take me. Entering the border of a trancelike state I forget the world I'm tethered to and drift, oscillate, the subjects of my work move, dance and come alive in my mind's eye. Each paint stroke, pour of resin, carefully carved wood or linoleum, scratch on plexi, dust of graphite on paper is done with purpose. Being an artist is more than putting a picture on paper. It is to enter the world more deeply and just for a moment, feel that you have stolen something from the gods, a power beyond reckoning. 


acrylic paint

4" x 6"


Feline Fine

monotype print

8" x 10"



Go Away

acrylic paint

10" x 10"


That Darn Cat

woodblock reduction print

4" x 6"


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