Daija Engen


In these works I attempted to create work that appealed to my own aesthetics. I thought that now is not the time to explore disgust or demented things. Creating emotionally lighter work was new to me and I hope to continue to improve in creating both interesting and calming pieces.
It is important not to stick with one style entirely within ones work, so pushing myself to expand what I can convey through my art was a fun challenge. I used colored pencils, which was new for me, and tried to implement more details in the background to create a more finished feel to the individual pieces. I have learned through observing modern and historical art that art does not have to dive into the mind of the artist, depict injustice, or criticize a population or contemporary idea. Instead, it can be all of those things, but it can also have a less intense meaning. I explored themes of loyalty, time, and serenity in these pieces, all of which are lighter and more relatable to my peers and a wider audience.


Ladies in Wade





My Faith

Colored Pencil




Hero's Walk