Raven Cook


My name is Raven Cook and I am a nineteen year old artist based in the central coast of California. I’ve been a part of Youth Arts Collective for six years. The pieces I’ve created for this show, ‘Foreseen’, ‘Metempsychosis’ and ‘Prism’ all explore symbolism. 


‘Foreseen’ is a portrait of, in my mind, a goddess who has foreseen the future. The white moths symbolize the soul of the collective people. 


‘Metempsychosis’ symbolizes the transmigration at death of the soul of a human being or animal into the body of the same or different species. The human’s soul has been reincarnated into the moth's body. 


‘Prism’ is a portrait of a cat - in the Far East it is believed that cats participated in the creation of the world and may have been able to walk and talk like humans - gods wanted cats to oversee the world but they wished to simply enjoy life, the task fell to us humans. This piece symbolizes what “could have been.”


I’m in love with all of these pieces I’ve created for this show and hope you enjoy them! Big thanks to Youth Arts Collective for always being so supportive of everything I do! ️



acrylic paint





acrylic paint 





Relief ink